Today is Dev Day!

by Arman Obosyan 12. September 2012 00:42

Всех Девелоперов с Праздником Программиста!

С'Праздником :-)


ИТ-Администраторы сделали подарок программистам, испортили блоги на ВКЛЮЧАЯ, обещают исправить, но не обнадеживают.


Deploy Lync phones, hp 4120 ip phone

by Giorgi Jambazishvili 7. September 2012 23:51

Thanks for Microsoft Georgia, they presented us 7 hp 4120 ip phones, so i decide to join this phones in our lync infrastructure. There are some steps, that you need to deploy ip phones in lync infrastructure. you must enable enterprise voice for user that you want to use for ip phone,


after it let’s put our phone in internal network, of course you need dhcp server, but is it enough? no because you will recieve this alert “Certificate Web Service cannot be fount, please contact your support team”.

we need configure dhcp server correctly and than it will give all necessary attribute to ip phone. we will use dhcputil to configure our dhcp server, you can use dhcputil only for windows dhcp servers, more deeply how to configure dhcp servers for lync phone see

First question that you may have is: where is dhcputil?

Answer:It is in lync server in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010

how to use dhcputil for configure dhcp server?

copy two files from “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010” , dhcputil.exe and DHCPConfigScript.bat to dhcp server in one folder, for example copy it in c:\tmp folder.

if you try to use dhcputil in windows server 2008r (or old versions) you will receive


you need first install vcredist_x64.exe, you can take it from lync server media. Than we need FQDN of the Sip Server and FQDN of the web server, if you have this information open cmd with administrator privileges go to tmp folder and type DHCPUtil.exe –SipServer <FQDN of the Sip Server > -webserver <FQDN of the web server> –RunConfigScript


after it restart dhcp service


look at server options there is some new options

i’ll add ntp servers in options, use domain controler ips for it
after it you can restart your lync phone, it will ask you phone extension to authenticate, also you need pin for authentication. you can do it from control panel

or from shell Set-CsClientPin -Identity gjambazishvili -Pin 23451
or user can set his pin itself from Dail-in Conferencing Settings

after successfully authenticate phone will ask you 6 digit unlock PIN, it’s another pin.
type it twice and … you have lync ip phone.


Windows Camp

by Arman Obosyan 7. September 2012 07:42

Windows Camp

Сегодня в 10:00 UTC+4 прямая трансляция большой конференции Windows Camp, где расскажут как, зачем и почему разрабатывать приложения для Windows 8 и Windows Camp.
В рамках конференции будет несколько параллельных треков,

Основной трек:
10:00 — Открытие конференции
11:15 — Проектирование дизайна приложений для Windows 8 и Windows Phone
12:30 — Что нового в Windows Phone 8 для разработчиков
14:30 — Разработка приложений под Windows 8: жизненный цикл приложений, контракты, тайлы и оповещения
15:45 — 8 главных возможностей Visual Studio 2012 для создания приложений Windows 8
17:00 — Распространение и продвижение приложений в Windows Store и Windows Phone Marketplace
Второй трек:
12:30 — Разработка для Windows 8 на C++, использование DirectX и гибридные сценарии
14:30 — Облачные сервисы для приложений под Windows 8 и Windows Phone
15:45 — Погружение в фоновые сервисы для приложений Windows 8
17:00 — Перенос приложений Windows Phone на Windows 8 и создание приложений с общим кодом
Партнерский трек:
11:15 — Создание и использование Windows 8 UI компонентов в WinRT приложениях”, DevExpress
11:45 — «Реальный опыт разработки бизнес приложений под Windows Phone и Windows 8», I-Free
12:15 — Опыт создания приложения для ТВ Дождь под платформы Windows Phone и Windows 8
12:30 — “Экосистема Windows Phone и Nokia”, Nokia
13:00 — “OpenCL от Intel: используй мощь CPU и GPU одновременно”, Intel
14:15 — Работа с большими изображениями в Windows Phone. Проблемы и методы решения
15:30 — Опыт создания приложения Город под платформы Windows Phone и Windows 8
16:45 — Опыт создания клиента сайта TechDays.Ru под платформы Windows 8

Windows Camp


Oracle jobs, minimum interval,_job_queue_interval parameter

by Vazha Mantua 5. September 2012 15:21

Good Day all,

Today we resolve problem which appear when you try run oracle job with interval less then 5 second, but unfortunately it run’s in 5 second.

Cause of this is default parameter of job_queue_interval, which is set 5 second. This parameter means wakeup interval in seconds for job queue coordinator , so we got 5 second gap with next job running.

On oracle documentation we read that job_queue_interval is obsolete in oracle 9i version , but there is hidden parameter with same name and it’s still valid, changed only technology , in oracle 8 it was snp background process, now it is job queue coordinator, which is responsible for job running.

So solution of decreasing job running interval is set _job_queue_interval with low value than 5 second.

you can also avoid change oracle hidden parameter, if you use dbms_scheduler.



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Enable Lync for new subdomains after lync deployment

by Giorgi Jambazishvili 2. September 2012 23:42

If you have domain tree and you have deployed lync infrastructure, you can enable users from subdomain in lync. but after lync deployment if you add new domain in your tree and try to enable user from new domain  you will see error



you must prepare domain for lync, open lync shell, type  Enable-CSADDomain -Domain newChild_Domain_FQDN.

after this you can enable users from new subdomin in lync.


MVA The winners of the Summer competition – 1st Round

by Arman Obosyan 3. August 2012 22:09

Georgia, Ketevan Tarkashvili

Congratulation to Ketevan Tarkashvili!



How To add Lync Archiving role to an Existing Deployment

by Giorgi Jambazishvili 24. July 2012 23:41

what can you do, if you already have lync infrastructure and you want to add archiving role to it? i’ll demonstrate it in my post. in lync infrastructure we have:

1) domain llab.corp

2) ca llab-ca.llab.corp

3) standard front end server( llab-lync.llab.corp)

and we want to add arching server in our infrastructure to archive IM and conferencing.we need one machine llab-arch.llab.corp install sql 2008 on it. open topology builder in front end server and add archiving role


define sql store, sql server must already install, you can have sql server in dedicated server and also archiving server role in another dedicated server, in my case it is all in one server.


defile file share


associate Front end pool


and publish your new topology.on the llab-arch.llab.corp server where we have already sql server installed, install  this features







after installing this feature open lync server deployment wizard and click install or update lync server system, first install local configuration store which will retrieve directly from the central management store and click setup or remove lync server components


in the archiving role you don’t need certificate for server, so step certificate request and click start services . check if both service is started



after this configure infrastructure to archive im and web conferencing services




now we have archiving role in lync infrastructure. how to view archiving data? for viewing archiving data you need lync shell and some commands

for example:

to view all im from date 4/9/2012 to 5/9/2012 you need Export-CSArchivingData -DBInstance llab-arch.llab.corp -StartDate 4/9/2012 -EndDate 5/9/2012 -OutputFolder "C:\archivingdataforview"    this command will collect all im from 4/9/2012 to 5/9/2012  and will save in C:\archivingdataforview folder as eml files

if you want to collect for one user you need add –useruri in command for example:Export-CSArchivingData -DBInstance llab-arch.llab.corp -StartDate 4/9/2012 -EndDate 5/9/2012 -OutputFolder "C:\archivingdataforview"  –useruri “



users need gui for archiving im view, so microsoft create great tool OCS Instant Message Archive Viewer, you can download it from .

install it in your computer and open


from this tool you can easy view archiving data, before use make sure you have sufficient privileges to connect database and of course you have network access to it.


Lync 2013 Web Access

by Giorgi Jambazishvili 24. July 2012 23:38

in my previous post , I described  5 great news of lync 2013, one of them was lync 2013 web app, let’s look new lync web app, when you copy and paste meet link in your browser screen will be



we’ll sign-in as a guest


it will asks you  a small installer to be installed (5 seconds).

after it you are in lync 2013 web app with full functionality without this installer you cannot use voice and video in web.


there is two active video in conference


but as we know in lync 2013 we can view 5 active video person in conference.


















It’s very good, that we have video and audio support in lync 2013,  i think that if organization has a conferencing solution lync, they don’t need any webex or …

in this post there is not im,whiteboard or app sharing screens because this was in old versions, and i wanted to post a new functionality.


Install Lync Server 2013 in Windows Server 2008 R2 (Part 2)

by Giorgi Jambazishvili 18. July 2012 23:59

In Certificate wizard there is two certificate  column, first we all know and it was in lync 2010, certificate for internal web services and external web services, and second certificate is new in lync 2013




small description about OAuthTokenIssuer  is in slide, as i understood this certificate will be used for for server-to-server authentication and authorization.

about OAuth (Open Authorization) read note that default certificate is stored in local , and OAuthTokenIssuer in global (In CMS? may be ).


after assign certificate you can start  lync services and check status of them.

if all is started, everything is ok.


and after it make srv records as it was in lync 2010, if you want to login users with auto configuration of server addresses.

and at last download lync 2013 client which is part of Office 365 ProPlus Preview, you can download it from

try to login



welcome to lync 2013!

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Install Lync 2013 in windows server 2008 r2 (Part 1)

by Giorgi Jambazishvili 18. July 2012 23:57

let’s try to install new lync 2013, it’s very interesting. we will install it as i said in server 2008 r2, first of all you must install prerequisites for lync 2013

we will install it in topology where lync 2010 is not. (migration posts will be soon ;) )


1) .Net Framework 4.5 which is stored in installation folder in /setup/amd64 named dotNetfx45_Full_x86_x64.exe

2) Microsoft Visual C++11 x64 with minimum runtime –11.0.50531 (it will be installed automatically)

3) Windows Powershell V3.0  which is in Windows Management Framework 3.0 – RC  ( Windows6.1-KB2506143-x64.MSU ) download it from

4) install Active Directory Administrative tools

5) Windows Identity Foundation ( Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu ) download it from

6) IIS with Static Content, Default Document, HTTP Errors, ASP.NET, .NET Extensibility, Internet Server API (ISAPI) Extensions, ISAPI Filters, HTTP Logging, Logging Tools, Tracing, Client Certificate Mapping Authentication, Windows Authentication, Request Filtering, Static Content Compression, Dynamic Content Compression, IIS Management Console,the Media Foundation feature or Desktop Experience feature of Windows must be installed.


After installing all prerequisites  just double click Setup\amd64\Setup.exe

6 7



there is standard procedures  for prepare schema, current forest, current domain, checking replications as it was in lync 2010.

so after preparation phase we have


it’s time to install Administration tools from right side, and also we will install at this time standard edition, so click prepare first standard edition server.

after it click install or update lync server system. because of this is the first server in topology there is no central management store, we must open topology builder and must make topology (as it was in lync 2010, so i’ll not describe this process in details   ).

 1 2 3


you will see new topology builder, if you have lync 2010 this will be also showed in there .



after install Local Configuration store we have situation


step where we setup or remove lync components is as it was.

in step 3 we have small change part2



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